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-To enjoy music 
-To develop technique  

-To understand musical theory and repertoire

In order to reach the first point, I think it is important to work on the other two points. Technique to play music in such a way that the sound result be pleasant. 
Understand "what we are playing" and "what we are listening to" in order to know the path we are walking. 
I feel a deep respect for my student´s musical influences, and from that point of view, it is my priority to broaden their musical perspective. 
I am passionate about music, teaching and composition. 
I am excited about knowing, learning and teaching music from different cultures and roots: 
Classical music, flamenco, jazz, folk, Celtic music, etc.
With 13 years of experience as a teacher, I worked in different musical institutes and schools, as well as in a private lessons, with children, teenagers and adults. 
I teach group and individual lessons on harmony, composition and improvisation for wind and string instruments.

Students reviews

"The lessons with Sebastián were a great experience to me, for several reasons. On the one hand, Sebastián's musical knowledge is extraordinary, which helps to enter the world of music in an exciting and comprehensive way, beyond the specific topics covered in lessons. On the other hand, Seba's human quality is a central factor: a sensitive teacher who is always attentive to what the student needs and is looking for. That is why for me his classes were a very enriching and positive experience, in which I learned AND ENJOYED A LOT ".
Leonardo González Galli
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Harmony group workshop was very nice! Super recommended since we learn not only from the teacher but also from our classmates. Each one´s doubts and ideas are exposed, forming at the end of each class a beautiful ensemble with everything we have learned, giving each one their space to create and improve. It helped me to unite harmonic concepts that I was not sure about and gave me many compositional tools ".
Graciela Palacios
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"I attended lessons with Seba for 3 years. He always knew how to contemplate my interests and generate curiosity for new things. He is super clear in his explanations and helped me to use music software to improve my study time. He's a great person and I learned a lot from him". "
Valeria Sirolli
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"I really enjoyed the harmony classes with Sebastián. He helped me to understand many concepts that I had difficulty to incorporate when studying and creating my own compositions. It has motivated me a lot !!
Agustina Rossi
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"I really liked the harmony and composition lessons with Sebastián. I liked the material he proposed: it was clear and well balanced between theory and practice. It clarified my doubts, with patience and with different examples, in a didactic way. He also helped me with my own songs that I already had, and I found his contributions very enriching and generous. "
Ruth Palleja
Barcelona, Spain
"The lessons are super didactic. The topics are explained in a clear and simplified way to understand everything in a simple way. 100% recommendable".
Marco Ruberto
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am finally understanding how to move on the guitar neck. It was something that I had pending and it had me stagnant; as well as the chords: they were a mystery to me. In my experience it has been taking a good step to know how to express myself and create songs on my guitar "
Manuel Grez Berguecio
Curicó, Chile
"100% recommended. Sebastián takes all the time necessary for you to understand where each chord, each scale and mode comes from"
Eduardo Álvaro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Sebastian is an excellent guitar teacher. His dedication is unsurpassed. His patience with the student is infinite. I am entirely grateful for the time he gave me and gives me. I recommend him without hesitation. The time spent with him is highly satisfactory. at an academic and human level. The lessons are very entertaining. His knowledge is very broad: harmony, melody, fingerpicking techniques, composition, arrangements, scales, rhythm, writing, among others. He is a teacher who can teach both beginners and advanced students. I started with face-to-face lessons and then due to the pandemic I continued with virtual lessons, which were just as satisfactory. Eternally grateful to meet you and that you have shared your knowledge and teachings with me. "
Ezequiel Cabrera
Buenos Aires, Argentina